Hello I am Kirk McKendree from central Pennsylvania. I grew up in a hunting family, and began hunting at an early age. My interest in hunting and shooting were greatly influenced by my father and grandfather. I venture out each season in pursuit of various game species but, one thing is for certain I am most passionate about predator hunting.
    My profession is in law enforcement where I have served the citizens of both Maryland and Pennsylvania with pride. Over the twenty years that I have been involved in law enforcement I have remained diligent and determined to insure the safety and well being of others.

I have been successfully 
calling predators for over a decade and I have harvested coyote, bobcat, fox and raccoon. My predator hunting endeavors have taken me from Canada to as far south as Texas however, most of my hunting occurs in my home State of Pennsylvania.

   My experience and accomplishments would include being Field Staff for Hevi-Shot, Pro Staff for Elusive Wildlife Technologies, Field Staff for FOXPRO, Inc., judging predator calling contests, seminar speaking, writing predator hunting related articles, field testing products and placing well in predator hunting contests over the years. In addition, I harvested coyote(s) in seven different states in 2010. 

I am
honored for the opportunity to be Pro Staff for Boondock-Outdoors and I am very excited to be a part of the Boondock-Outdoors family. I believe in the quality and effectiveness of Boondock-Outdoors products and am looking forward to utilizing them on future hunts.

Boondock-Outdoors Pro Staff
Kirk McKendree

To see more of Kirk's success pics go to the Photos page.

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